Projects that…run!

The Principles of Animation +

Our new educational series about animation. In a simple way we show to our audience the principles of animation, as they were defined by the creators of Disney and the walking circle. Every principle is showed in two episodes. In the first one we learn the theory about it and in the second episode we watch its application. Watch the series by clicking on the picture.


In every reasonable time period (we can’t push a button and create animation) we try to finish a cartoon or an animated short film and to upload it to our channel on youtube.

Old projects

Get lost into the space(and even further)

Substantially, the first online series of vktoons in 2011. A rather comic series. After the destruction of the Earth from a nuclear havoc, two robot teams the “good ones” and the bad ones” continue to evolve their artificial intelligence . Of course they end up to a war between them. At some point, they discover a primitive, peaceful planet inhabited by some creatures who love peace and they are weak to defend their lives. The result is the destruction of the planet because of the war between the two robot parties.

Bunny Poo Salad – The Movie

Vktoons collaborates with Duncan Skinner in the film Bunny Poo Salad-The Movie. Particularly, we are responsible for the creation of an animated comic sequence with 2D digital puppetry animation.

We Animate!

Educational series on animation. Its goal was to show simply the organization of a production of an animation movie, especially for children (of every age). Vaggelis and Peter, a cartoon character, were undertaking each time the responsibility to show the steps for the production of a movie stop motion so as to be easy for everyone to do it, emphasizing to the need for team work. On the other hand, they wanted to show that it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money for that(maybe there is no need for spending money at all for doing a stop motion movie). The series has a small but loyal group of admirers and that was the trigger to begin The Principles of Animation+».
Watch the series here;

What’s cooking vktoons?

Every Wednesday on the platforms of youtube and facebook we “upload” our vlog ,in which we refer to the projects that vktoons has undertaken in that particular time period, what’s new in its work and the progress of the projects that it has already undertaken.

In the Dungeons

Job is imprisoned from the power of the Kingdom in the dungeons of the castle for a reason that he doesn’t remember. However, he justifies each king who put him down there. The executioner that tortures him, is substantially the voice of his consciousness. The King changes only his appearance. His voice remains the same and that indicates something… With him is his courtier -his title indicates the one who wipes kings’ ass... - and his assistant who doesn’t talk at all. A successful animated allegoric satyr of the political and social reality which was recognized abroad. It was played for two seasons and we always think how we can reactive it!
Watch the series here;

The Treasure in the roots of the Tree of the Earth

The series for children that we try to recreate. Anthos an elf from a place far away ,decides to come to Greece for finding the treasure that it is in the roots of the Tree which helps the Earth to stand. It’s the same tree which the goblins cut every year , until Christmas Eve. He wants to use the treasure to offer happiness to the poor people and especially to children. Coming in Greece closely to Christmas, he meets the silly goblin Pimple , the devil Sir who is stuck for years down to the hierarchy , the angel Omael and the ancient god Pana. All together and each for his own reasons try to find the treasure, something that is not easy at all.
Watch the series here;