The history of vktoons

The history of vktoons

  According to his mother, Vaggelis Karadimas, started reading slowly when he was 3.5 years old, because he wanted to read the animation subtitles of that period of time( When he was very young the translated animation were less than they are nowadays).

   During his studies in the university department of History and Archeology in Ioannina ,he continued to watch animation and anime. During that period he created his first animated small gif which he has lost.

   In 2003 a very rare type of cancer left him with an inability and he made a lot of surgeries for several years. In that period, he started  working on animation with the wrong way. Directly from the PC.

     As the years were passing he understood that he had to start working more rationally, on paper, to study theory and to apply it.

   He gradually began to develop his first 2D on line series and he tried to look into the possibilities of collaborations.

Vktoons is appeared for the first time in 2011 with  the series “Get lost into the space” and ‘A story for a song”. The series “The Treasure of the Roots of the Tree of Earth” is substantially the first serious attempt of vktoonsto create a complete series which was loved from an audience that watch online series. Also, it was showed by ERTopen when ERT was shut down.

   During the same period he also started to create online advertisements that they have got a high quality.

   There were attempts for partnerships which didn’t evolve because of lack of funding, especially after the capital controls but vktoons as the majority of the Greek animation companies and the Greek animators, continue to try to convince firstly Greeks that they must help the Greek animation and after the foreign one. To convince them that we also have here excellent animation too.

   Today vktoons is known for its commitment to 2D animation as it also expands gradually and slowly to stop motion too. Finally it is known for her productivity and her consistency.

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COLLABORATIONS (current and….previous)

ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΣΙΕΣ (ισχύουσες αλλά και ...παλιές)

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vktoons IN THE PRESS

Animation Magazine

In February 2016 , the most important magazine for animation worldwide , in its tribute for Greek animation referred to our series In the dungeons , even if it refers to the series with the name of vktoons.

Interview to the Indian website

Vaggelis Karadimas was interviewed by the Indian website and was asked about vktoons and Greek animation in General. You can read the interview HERE.


Episode “Ability” of the TV show “animert” in which Vaggelis Karadimas was interviewed.

Interview to "Pinakio"

Huffington Post

Greek edition of the Huffington Post with a reference to our series In the Dungeons.

Interview to koita magazine

Interview to Retzep Omer Havouz.

Εφημερίδα Κηφισιά, 12-12-2014

Klepsidra Magazine, May 2017