4 July 2017by vktoons

We try to improve our presence in youtube!

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vktoons new youtube channel logo

Vktoons,  after the analysis of the answers in the questionnaire, will create a channel in youtube , especially for children. In this way, it will emphasize  in small ages and it will introduce children to the world of animation. Its purpose is to create a future audience with firm basis, and entertain the young friends too

In this channel there will be a series which in a funny way will introduce children to the creation of animation. There will also be a series which will have to do with painting and design. Certainly there will be an animated series with heroes that children will love. Finally, we will create a show that our friends will share  with us their own creations- painting, short films, arts and crafts etc that we will present them online. However we aren’t in rush for this channel . We have to give great attention as it is required  for children.

Βut it doesn’t leave the other channel in youtube! Changes have already been started in the content of the shows that are already presented , especially as far as the style is concerned(the content doesn’t change). We also prepare gradually new shows which hope that they will enthuse a diverse audience!

More specifically, we create DIY shows but and others which will approach animation in a more personal way! Other shows will aim to an audience that is more interested in design and in character creation. Finally, an animated series will be created with very short episodes of satiric content.

For now, visit our channel to watch how we work on our existing series, HERE. We believe that soon we will be ready to begin broadcasting our new program! We wish you a pleasant watching and of course we are looking forward for your comments!