8 August 2017by vktoons

New collaborations and vidme

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vktoons recently started a collaboration with schooltime.gr, which will show vktoons’ videos but not only that; Vaggelis Karadimas will write articles on history of animation and other stuff about it. We think that this collaboration is really important, since we include it to our planning that came up after we collected the answers to our recent questionnaire. According to that planning, informing the Greek public on animation is vital (we are talking about history, techniques etc). The page with our articles is THIS ONE (available only in Greek).


At the same basis, we started collaborating with Melitzolithoswhich will show our videos.



In addition, vktoons continues working in organizing our youtube channel schedule, very carefully organizing the schedule of the kids’ channel and has also started using vidme platform, on which we now have a channel. This platform seems that it does not “hate” animation (something youtube does and it is the main reason that many animators are leaving it). But, to fulfill our plans on vidme, we need our friends help! So, sign in to vidme by creating your channel (even if you never upload a video there) and “follow” vktoons there (it is the same as the subscription on youtube). That will give us the capability to ask and become a “verified” channel on vidme and from there on we can start talking about monetizing!

In general, we try to be present in as much social media as we can. Besides the difficulties, we struggle for animation as much as we can and we want you as our allies!