1 September 2017by vktoons

Some nice and creative news!

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We’ve just entered Autumn and the news for vktoons are good!

What if Newton was an ant?

First of all, the – really – REALLY – short animation (traditional) What if Newton was an ant? is an official selection for the Greek Panorama of the 10th Animasyros International Animation Festival & Agora!


Αυτές είναι ειδήσεις!

Now, that’s news!

Apart from that, the new series of the new program of vktoons’ youtube channel are “on their way”. These series will have a variety of thematology: DIY, motivational/inspirational” but relevant to animation, drawing lessons, the satire cartoon series Now, that’s news! (the pilot episode has been aired already), while our educational and informative series will continue. There’s also a thought about another cartoon series.


Moreover, these days we’re discussing on some possible collaborations which – if they end up successfully – will open new roads for vktoons and its’ causes (to make Geek animation more known to a wider audience) and perhaps could bring the creation of a strong kids schedule in a new youtube channel of vktoons.

In general, it seems it will be an exciting September for vktoons!