13 September 2017by vktoons

What’s cooking vktoons? #30

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Hi! Our informative series “What’s cooking vktoons?” from today will continue in the form of article in the blog of our webpage! In this way we try to attract more viewers to our website and also to “lighten” the schedule of our youtube channel, which you’ll note by reading this post that it is “full”!

Our youtube channel!

We begin our new program on our youtube channel. We aim to attract a – mainly but not only – Greek audience that has almost non relation to animation, especially Greek animation, to meet the medium and to get interested in learning about it in several ways. So, our new schedule begins on Saturday, 16th of September and it goes as this;

MONDAY; You ask, we answer. A series of Q&A type in which we’ll answer to questions about animation,  Greek and foreign, about vktoons etc. Someone may ask anything relevant; from terminology to anything encyclopedic, technical issues, production and everything on animation in general. Questions will be asked either vie social media accounts or in the comments field bellow the videos on youtube, no matter the day of course. We aim to educate a wider audience on animation.

Αυτές είναι ειδήσεις!

Now, that’s news!

TUESDAY; Now, that’s news! There will be a scheduled episode every Tuesday, but there is a chance for another episode of the satire within the same week if it is necessary, due to the timeliness.


WEDNESDAY; In action; DRAW! In this series we’ll give drawing lessons for beginners. The lessons will be based on books of Doudoumis publicationswith which vktoons collaborates. The series applies to everyone, either he/she is talented or – he/she thinks is – not, provided he has the willing to work with the pencil, the paper etc.

THURSDAY; The principles of animation +. The educational series on the principles of animation, as determined by the great Disney’s creators continues, just in a different day.



SATURDAY; DIY; Constructions for animation or By the way, on animation… They are two different series that will alternate each week. The first is a DIY type series about animation constructions/devices. With simple materials and within a low budget we’ll create devices important in history of animation and extremely fun for kids of every age! The second series is of “motivational” type and will try to show to an audience that is not relevant to animation that animation is something which concerns him/her in several ways, that can help him practically, emotionally, on health issues, on different sectors of public life, that can help him overcome difficulties and, finally, that it is something that anyone can do, as long as he/she wants to!

Finally, every first Monday of every month we’ll upload Bloopers of the previous month and on the last day of each month a traditionally animated cartoon titled Moments of an animator, which will be about the difficulties and contingencies that an animator faces, given in a funny way.

So, we expect your “likes, sharing of our videos, your comments and questions – which will be answered in our special series – as well as your subscription to our youtube channel!

Bunny Poo Salad – The Movie

We keep on working – in satisfactory pace – on the animated sequence of Duncan Skinner’s Bunny Poo Salad – The Movie. We’ve delivered most of the shots and we’re confident that everything will be delivered by the end of this month.

Ernesto and Taroon

Ernesto and Taroon

Once again, we grab the pencil and the paper for Ernesto and Taroon animated short. This time, we’ll get instructions, corrections etc even from Disney’s animators. Though we’ll work in “moonlight” conditions, it is almost required now to get it done!