27 September 2017by vktoons

What’s cooking vktoons? #31

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Let’s read what we …cook this time!

As a basis, let’s mention that we successfully completed the animated sequence of Bunny Poo Salad – the movie (click on the picture). Duncan Skinner commented remarkably!


We prepare some very serious collaborations that will show off vktoons but mostly we are optimistic that they’ll give a push to Greek animation. Perhaps we’ll be able to make some announcements soon enough (in any case, those to hear the news first will be the subscribers to our newsletter).

We also are to start a collaboration with Aspasia Amenta as the narrator in some of vktoons’ videos, as a start.

The first week of our new schedule of vktoons’ YouTube channel (click on the picture) went good enough and the results were encouraging, not so in the views count – there is distance there yet to walk – but as in quality elements, like is the participation of the people by commenting, asking, subscribing etc. Of course, we should give a “push” for the questions, as it seems that many want to ask but, for some reason, they are afraid to! But in time we’ll solve it too.

In the same frame, we try to collaborate with other creators by asking them to answer – whenever is possible – to viewers questions.

All these aim to contribute to the expansion of the Greek animation community and to make Greek animation known to  a larger Greek audience, but also to contribute to the education of the audience in animation,  no matter if someone intends to start animating or not.