5 October 2017by vktoons

What’s cooking vktoons? #32

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An important collaboration.

vktoons moves on some collaborations, which we believe that will help a lot our effort to make Greek animation more accessible to a wider Greek audience. At the same time, these collaborations will contribute to offer to younger ages – and not only to them – really quality content. As for now, we cannot say something more, but soon enough we’ll be able to do that.

The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth.

Yet, we can mention that, within the frame of this collaboration, we rework The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth! The series will be completely edited and will be clearly better in relation to the first and second screening. Th scenery and the characters will get re-designed and the script will be re-written to get a better rhythm.

Right now, along with the edit work, we also work on writing the series pitch bible. Soon  enough, you’ll hear more about the project.


Collaborations on the production of the videos of vktoons’ YouTube channel.

In the same framework of the collaborations we have, we start one with Aspasia Amenta, who will be the narrator in our motivational videos on our YouTube channel, starting from this Saturday. Stay tuned!