15 February 2018by vktoons

Making progress with the preparation of our crowdfunding campaign!

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Crowdfunding campaign for “The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth” is still in preparation stage. Yet, we are preparing with a stable and quick pace. The basic text are getting written – only a small part is left to be written yet – and the graphic elements are almost complete (within the very next days this part will be ready too).

Also, little by little we fill in the catalog of the team to be shown in the campaign, giving that way the picture of an organized work. We believe that it is a very strong team and an asset in our effort to hit the funding target. Indeed, the targets or the campaign are not restricted to the economic part and that said, the success of the entire project is essential (details will be given in time)!

As for the creative part of pilot episode; within the next days all those who are involved – the director, the studio and the voice actors – will come discuss via the facebook platform about when we can all come together at the studios at Koropi for the record session. Right after that, we’ll move on to the animation of the pilot episode (the backgrounds and props are ready for some time now).