28 May 2019by vktoons

A few days before Annecy animation festival.

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official logo of MIFA Annecy 2019

vktoons will be present in Annecy festival, since Vangelis Karadimas will be a member or the Greek delegation to be send by asifa hellas. He will have with him six projects, two of which will be officially promoted by asifa hellas. These are (you can also take a look here):

  • Stories of Planet Sentia
  • The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth
  • Chrononaut
  • In the dungeons
  • Primrose (short)
  • Ernesto and Taroon (short)

Vangelis Karadimas preparing an animation lesson

Until now and facing the event, vktoons has approached enough people – creators and scientists – to strengthen its proposals. This procedure is ongoing!

In particular, there is already an aired interest from a well known TV station about Chrononaut.

Empowering Greek creators.

There is a very good connection with the Greek Blender communitySoon there will be a contact with graphic design department of the University of West Attica.

So, we try to contribute to the opening of new animation jobs for Greek creators.We hope we will get support and be able to create Greek projects addressing an international audience!

The creative teams of the projects are almost fulfilled. Soon, we will complete the scientific teams for the Chrononaut. All these will help us to claim financing and co-producing with better conditions, both from Greece and – mainly – abroad. Unfortunately it is proven that support to Greek animation from Greeks is a quite difficult thing to become a reality.

Additionally, we try to book some meetings before the “kickoff” of the festival, to make better use of our time there. For sure, there will be a meeting with Toon Boom and perhaps some more yet.

The certain is that in Annecy, vktoons wail gain great experience and – cross fingers! – will put the basis for international collaborations and co-productions!  We will take care that this  experience will be transmitted in Greece, after returning from Annecy!