25 June 2019by vktoons

vktoons in Annecy (mifa). Results and conclusions

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asifa hellas members with Bill Plympton, mifa 2019

vktoons participated in 2019 mifa in Annecy via Vangelis Karadimas, member of the asifa hellas delegation.

The experience gained was precious, since we noticed the practical mistakes to be solved in the future. Strategically though, vktoons made the right moves, taking advantage of the info and the experience other members of asifa hellas transmitted. It is notable that it was the only “asifa” booth from around the globe.

So, vktoons’ projects that attracted most interest were those of Chrononaut basically, followed by Stories of Planet Sentia. The interested audience was mainly the anglophone one and then the Hispanic speaking. 

vktoons’ projects.


Chrononaut left Greece as the concept with the more chances to gain interest. That is logical since it already has a letter of interest from a big tv station in Greece. It has secured that, in case of production will have the support of Toon Boom and there are also companies that would like to watch the pilot episode when it will be produced.

Stories of Planet Sentia drew the eye of a Latin American award-winning director. and we wait for a possible collaboration.

The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earththough it is a “burned” project for the non-Greek audience (due to concept issues – devils and angels and a drunk goblin – format not easily applying to the needs of tv stations and also economic issues caused by ERT stance), yet it is a project the Greek young audience asks for to be produced. We found a “channel” to distribute it (as long as we make the right preparations).  Also, in the video library of Annecy, despite the problems we already mention, it has gained international interest. So, perhaps some spin-offs or something?…

Other projects and conclusions.

Apart from these, vktoons already prepare projects facing towards the future. That is done with the perspective of international collaboration, entering the field of anidoc.

As a conclusion, vktoons’ presence at mifa in Annecy was better than expected and what now it must be done is to take quick advantage of the “momentum”, to find financing for the creation of a creative studio and to produce pilot episodes – at a first phase – for Chrononaut (and perhaps of Stories of Plane Sentia, depending on the news), to make use of the Greek cash rebate by EKOME – though without a drastic decrease of the local taxes this measure will only have some results in the short term – and also to prepare the next projects, in order to have a continuity in production. The main desiderata to definitely initiate these is the financing (yet, we already move things).