24 October 2019by vktoons

Teaching animation to pupils in Athens!

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vktoons has started a collaboration with PTA’s in a district of Athens. We have already started teaching children animation in two schools.
The first lessons are challenging: kids are coming to find out if they are really interested. We also allow parents to be present in these first session.
The truth is that there are representatives of PTA’s in different parts of Athens who have asked us to teach in their areas. Right now that is impossible, but we have already some options in mind for the next educational year.
These first lessons showed us that kids are interested in animation! Taking in mind that this is the first time we take such an action, it gives us confidence about what we should expect for the years to come!

With this action we aim at two things: 1) to help create more educated animation viewers in Greece and 2) hopefully to help children to consider a career in animation when the time for decisions for their lives will come. Such a thing could have a massive impact in Greek animation production in many aspect (economic, organizing, producing etc).