27 November 2019by vktoons

“Primrose”, our next animated short film

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Nyhtolouloudo, Primrosevktoons’ short film titled “Primrose” (“Nyhtolouloudo” in Greek) is already in production (as you might also notice in our project’s page). It is a black and white animation. It is about the love between a rain drop hanging from a branch of a big tree and of a seed laying near the root of that tree.

The technique we use is tradigital or paperless animation or – if you wish – the traditional animation in it’s modern form. That way we contribute to the increase of trees being cut. We also save money, space and time as a studio since several procedures are simplifying (flip/pencil/line tests e.a.).

Work is done in the environment of Harmony (Premium edition) software of ToonBoomThe software offers all the tools a studio needs. Until now, such valuable tools are nodes but also the bitmap brushes! Of course the software fully supports traditional animation as well as digital puppetry. vktoons plans to take advantage of those characteristics too in the near future.

“Primrose” has no dialogues spoken, so it becomes “global”. That way it has more chances to be presented and/or compete in international festivals.

We estimate the short will be complete in May.