11 December 2019by vktoons

vktoons for kids: our Greek YouTube channel for children

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vktoons for kids

The kids’ channel of vktoons, vktoons for kids is reactivated and has a new schedule!

The program addresses exclusively to kids and parents living in Greece or learning Greek. So, it is exclusively in Greek. The need for this emerged from the ascertainment that pupils and students in elementary and junior high schools are “thirsty” to learn animation. Not just how to create a short “on the fly”, but also to learn what is the procedure behind the creation of an animated short!

So, the channel will focus on education at a first phase. It will teach the kids the science behind animation taking advantage the historic optical toys, as is thaumatrope which is presented in the first video.  It will also teach them to use animation software such as AnimaShooter with the company behind it vktoons is in collaboration. There is also a thought about sketching lessons.

At some point we also aim to move on to  the production of an animated series . of course, that is something that needs a good programming.

We must stress that the decision for the reactivation of vktoons for kids Πρέπει να σημειώσουμε πως η σκέψη για την εκ νέου ενεργοποίηση του vktoons for kids had been taken before the blast of the COPPA issue (about the protection of kids on the YouTube platform), since we had already discovered the need for its existence.  So, the fact that economically is not worthy to have a kids channel (in Greece – by the way – YouTube for kids hasn’t arrived yet) does not affect our decision.

Furthermore, we aim to make the channel interactive, with the participation of the kids through their constructions and animated creations.  We will call them to send their creations to their creations  at kids@vktoons.com . We will make sure to import them to some of our next videos, hoping to motivate them! By the way,  we are in discussions for collaboration on the subject  of education of children on animation!

We aim to upload one video each week or – at least – one every two weeks.

If you are a Greek learner, you are welcomed to subscribe to the channel (otherwise, it will look… Greek to you…)!