8 January 2020by vktoons

Stray Stories: A few things about the series (in development)

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Stray Stories Logo

Those subscribe to our newsletter had been informed some time past about an in development animated series for our YouTube channel. We recently announced it to the wider audience. The title of the series is Stray Stories.

The characters.

The series is about the funny adventures of four stray animals: Tomboy’s, a male cat, Molly’s who is his girlfriend,  Butch’s, a strong bulldog (but not a bully) and Grass’, a rat. The stories take place in the scenery of a neighborhood of a random modern city.

Tomboy, Molly, Butch, Grass

Format of the series

There will be seven episodes (unless we face such a success and we “must” continue producing it). Adults are the target group of it.  Duration will be one and a half minute maximum. It will be 2D limited and tradigitally or paperless animated using Toon Boom Harmony, as he hope. There will be no dialogues, giving the series the opportunity to address an international audience.

Of course, in this case too the productions will take long, since we are talking about frame by frame animation, though it will be limited. But we think that this series is easier to produce at this point, compared with other of our proposals (which we continue working though). Its’ production is related to the developments on the issue of an official  opening of vktoons’ studio. That matter will soon take its way.

Of course, Stray Stories faces the same obstacles any Greek animated production faces: difficulties in financing. But now it addresses a more or less niche audience which is into stray animals (and it does well do do so). We believe it can get targeted funding but also support! Beyond humor and gags, the series will try to feature issues concerning stray animals. So, the format “foresees” extra time in each episode to show relevant issues, with the help of services, entities etc.

In the next period of time there will be work in the creative part as well as in the one concerning the funding of the series. Concept art and backgrounds will be in the agenda, while we already write the scripts.