22 January 2020by vktoons

Crowdfunding campaign for the creation of vktoons’ studio

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The time for vktoons to make its next step via a crowdfunding campaign has come. The truth is that this time came a long time ago. Yet, for economic reasons it was impossible until now to establish a 2D animation studio. Taxing in Greece made every thought of such a thing impossible.

But there was the “weapon” of crowdfunding.  It proved to be very powerful up to now, since it helped vktoons to go outside the Greek borders. We talked in Annecy with possible collaborators who found the projects we proposed them very interesting. So, they were waiting the first step for the production to be made from within Greece. Afterwards, they would contribute too.

Some of vktoons projects

Some of vktoons projects

That meant that we should find an initial financing from within Greece. But even that was impossible. And it is not only vktoons that faces this problem, but almost every Greek creator. Unfortunately in Greece animation is an almost unknown word to those who could finance it. That goes for the Greek state too.

The solution was again outside Greek borders.

There was the solution we tried to avoid all these years: of immigration and of the establishment of a studio abroad or to work abroad. In the end we chose the middle path: that of the creation of a studio abroad, but keeping the production in Greece. In deed, taking in mind the answers we received to our questionnaire we recently distributed , many Greeks approved that solution.

Even for that solution, vktoons has not yet the money to make it happen. But we already told you that crowdfunding campaign proved to be a powerful “weapon”. Enough people responded to the questionnaire that they would accept such a solution.

Preparing the campaign.

It is important to prepare this campaign as best as possible. First, the matter is not the campaign itself but the immediate ignition of the studio – which will start as a virtual studio – right after the completion of the campaign. That is why we already work on the subject of financing and supporting our first webseries (Stray Stories) and we are looking for clients who would like to be projects via the work of vktoons. We believe that the perspective of the official running of a 2D animation studio would make it easier to approach possible clients. Also, there are projects we already run with our collaborators.

We plan to start the campaign either on March or April. This means that the virtual studio should start working within May! Next thing to do will be to get enough money to open a branch in Greece and create a physical studio.