30 September 2020by vktoons

The importance of “taking five”

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And we don’t mean to talk about a five minutes break but mostly about a few days of vacations.

So, in animation tiredness appears at some point, usually after a long period of intensive work on every section of the production. Indeed, after the big productions are over (or even during the production) someone will find employees been transferred in a hospital with burnout symptoms.

So, at some point, ideally before things get in the nick of time, it would be good in our industry too, to take a step back from working and find some time to see new things and to take a break from working. It is time to read a book. To gaze at the horizon. To study nature. To talk with people. To draw an paint. To take photos. To see lands. But without working on animating.

The worm colors of a summer sunset.

Of course, all of us who are occupied with animation understand that in reality we never stop working, even during vacation. It is just that we do not “move” things, we do not animate. But we keep the rest of the procedure going. Essentially, we revive our relation with animation and our craft.

Because, what are we doing when reading a book other than thinking our next script?

What do we do when observing the horizon? We watch how nature is forming itself but also our next BG’s.

What are we profiling discussing with people? A new character.

What do we do when we sketch, draw, taking photos? We imprint scenes, moments and feelings perhaps useful for a future project.

And when we visit other places? We extend our spiritual horizon to civilizations, customs and places we did not know before and thus we receive elements that can later enrich our work.

Blue and grey variations of the depth field of the mountains.

So, essentially we do a lot of things that we could not do that easily during our working time, unless it was an assignment given by a really big studio. Thus, with a few days’ vacations we can rest and subconsciously – or unconsciously? – work too. Don’t be surprised if by the end of your vacations you come up with 3-4 projects ready to be developed.