29 October 2020by vktoons

Going…”At the orchard”!

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“At the orchard” is an idea …planted in the …mind of Vangelis Karadimas during his summer vacations. He thought of a series focusing mainly on children, aiming to show them how they can cultivate products in an orchard the “clean”, biological way. It would also be a series addressing their parents who might be interested in starting to cultivate in their cottages or even in the cities they live in (in their balconies etc). This might prove very useful, especially in these strange and stressing times, when covid-19 seems to be a part of our lives.

The idea is to show kids how a tree, a vegetable and herbs are biologically cultivated, what they offer us, who their enemies are. At the end, a fairy tale or a short story relevant to the subject of each episode will “dress” it in a more entertaining way.

(The following two videos are currently only available in Greek)

After the main idea was put on paper, it was time to start making it a reality. The first thing to do was to create the basic characters. The purpose was to create appealing characters, funny and easy to use and to relate to. We also felt the need to break some social stereotypes. I.e., we didn’t want to create a traditional granny. We wanted her to look and think more modern.

Then came the pilot episodes scripts. Following the general structure we mentioned above, we did our research, we wrote two pilot scripts, edit them and we were ready to move on the ne next stage: voice over recording!

Προεπισκόπηση(ανοίγει σε μία νέα καρτέλα)

So, on October 18th we went with the Greek legendary theatrical and voice over actor Argyris Pavlidis and his colleagues, Melina Katsakouli and Ifigenia Staikou to the like legendary mabrida studios in Koropi (the studio participated in Loving Vincent project). It was a strange recording session, since we recorded during the coronavirus epidemic, but we made it following the proper health measures.

Now, we are working on the storyboard and afterwards we’ll move to the animatic (leica reel) of the first episode, before we animate it. Hopefully we will have the two episodes ready around Christmas.

Stay safe!