20 January 2021by vktoons

New year, new start!

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2020 was a year someone could characterize as strange and even hard for a lot of people. Of course, the reason for that is covid-19 pandemic. A pandemic that forced many folks to stay in their house to contribute to the decrease of the spread of the virus.

It was natural that vktoons would also be affected by this situation. Even more since 2020 was the year it officially started existing! Imagine that: we established the studio while in the heart of the first wave of the pandemic!

So, despite all opposition vktoons moved to produce two pilot episodes of our proposition for an animated series titled “At the orchard”. The episodes met public success – and indeed brought new friends to our Greek speaking kids YouTube channel – and now we are looking for sponsors to complete the production of the series. We are also looking for a TV channel to show it!

2021 brings us in front of new challenges. These are:

  • To demonstrate our work before more people around the globe.
  • To show our work to an international audience, at a first phase in the United Kingdom.
  • To show to the Greek audience what 2D animation is and do that via education and also though animation.
  • To develop the commercial part of vktoons.

To do this, YouTube will play a significant role. We know that offering without stops and in a short time frame animated content on YouTube is very hard (that is if you want to have a variety of content on 2D animation). So, we make sure to create animated content with “breaks”, in order to produce content that will be regularly uploaded. On the other hand, with live action videos and series we will make sure to inform and educate our public on our work, on what we love to do!

So, on January the 30th begins a new period for vktoons, especially on YouTube (but not only on YouTube):

We start with “shortsakia” (short cartoons) on our our Greek channel and also with tutorials about AnimaShooter stop motion software. Especially about that last one, we aim to drive our audience to produce their own animated shorts and to encourage the younger members of their family to be involved in it.

On our English speaking channel we will start also with an AnimaShooter tutorial series, since the non-Greek speaking audience shows more interest already to create animation and on the very specific software.

We start with animated sketches (“sketsakia”) on our kids Greek YouTube channel.

During the months to come we will develop even further our schedule on all of our three YouTube channels. But we try to avoid “YouTube burn out” and that is why our program will be more measured. Despite, we will upload meanwhile videos informing about our work and about things we do at the same time we animate!

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