5 April 2022by vktoons

Retrospective: “In the dungeons”

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vktoons is about to make a lot of change in the weeks to come and some of them consider its’ YouTube channels. As a result, “In the dungeons” web-series will stop being available for the public in a while.

So, we would like to pay a “farewell” to this series with a post. “In the dungeons” was the web-series that “sent” vktoons outside Greek borders. Angelos Rouvas mentioned it to Peter Schavenmaker who then brought it to February 2016 issue of Animation Magazine which issued a feature to Greek animation!



The torturer and Job


The series was a hard-line satire of the social and political timeliness of the time period it was shown. That is, it engaged absolutely current issues and also faced reactions (which is logical and was expected). But it commented current issues like they were happening in a fantastic medieval kingdom! That was what made the series a unique, at least if we are to talk about Greece! The titles was inspired by the song “In the dungeons” written by Babis Bakalis and Kostas Virvos, as Kostas Gavalas sang it along with Mary Janet.

The main characters were given the voices of Filippos Athanasopoulos (Job) Thanasis Gallos (king – prime minister), Panagiotis Georgiopoulos (torturer) and Vangelis Karadimas (“groom of the stole”). The main protagonists were Job and the torturer. Job was the always naive prisoner who believed the lords and the torturer was essentially his conscious who tortured him without mercy.



The series was running for two years and gradually were added scenery and secondary characters. Apart from the dungeons and the hall of the throne were also added the parliament, the market, the caste gate and the farm, while in certain circumstances were appearing also other scenery (i.e.  a cape). The technique we used was that of digital puppetry (created with moho).

The subjects of the series were open to the entire political and social spectrum: archaeology, economy, culture in general, national issues etc became subjects of hard criticism. Depending on which party governed Greece, its’ followers showed annoyance. At a certain point the series reached its’ natural end, meaning that it had nothing more to offer to the audience (especially since life frequently surpassed satire itself). At least no in the form it had.


Though the series will be gone from the channel – well… the entire channel will be gone – there is a thought at some point to give it as a gift to some lucky ones, to keep it for their collection. But this will happen at the right time.

Nevertheless, the format of the series is essentially applied to a proposal for an English series taking place in Victorian England, but with a more “evergreen” content and not directly relevant to current issues. In that way, “In the dungeons” still remains in our thought in several ways!