What’s cooking vktoons? #31

Let’s read what we …cook this time!

As a basis, let’s mention that we successfully completed the animated sequence of Bunny Poo Salad – the movie (click on the picture). Duncan Skinner commented remarkably!


We prepare some very serious collaborations that will show off vktoons but mostly we are optimistic that they’ll give a push to Greek animation. Perhaps we’ll be able to make some announcements soon enough (in any case, those to hear the news first will be the subscribers to our newsletter).

We also are to start a collaboration with Aspasia Amenta as the narrator in some of vktoons’ videos, as a start.

The first week of our new schedule of vktoons’ YouTube channel (click on the picture) went good enough and the results were encouraging, not so in the views count – there is distance there yet to walk – but as in quality elements, like is the participation of the people by commenting, asking, subscribing etc. Of course, we should give a “push” for the questions, as it seems that many want to ask but, for some reason, they are afraid to! But in time we’ll solve it too.

In the same frame, we try to collaborate with other creators by asking them to answer – whenever is possible – to viewers questions.

All these aim to contribute to the expansion of the Greek animation community and to make Greek animation known to  a larger Greek audience, but also to contribute to the education of the audience in animation,  no matter if someone intends to start animating or not.

What’s cooking vktoons? #30

Hi! Our informative series “What’s cooking vktoons?” from today will continue in the form of article in the blog of our webpage! In this way we try to attract more viewers to our website and also to “lighten” the schedule of our youtube channel, which you’ll note by reading this post that it is “full”!

Our youtube channel!

We begin our new program on our youtube channel. We aim to attract a – mainly but not only – Greek audience that has almost non relation to animation, especially Greek animation, to meet the medium and to get interested in learning about it in several ways. So, our new schedule begins on Saturday, 16th of September and it goes as this;

MONDAY; You ask, we answer. A series of Q&A type in which we’ll answer to questions about animation,  Greek and foreign, about vktoons etc. Someone may ask anything relevant; from terminology to anything encyclopedic, technical issues, production and everything on animation in general. Questions will be asked either vie social media accounts or in the comments field bellow the videos on youtube, no matter the day of course. We aim to educate a wider audience on animation.

Αυτές είναι ειδήσεις!
Now, that’s news!

TUESDAY; Now, that’s news! There will be a scheduled episode every Tuesday, but there is a chance for another episode of the satire within the same week if it is necessary, due to the timeliness.


WEDNESDAY; In action; DRAW! In this series we’ll give drawing lessons for beginners. The lessons will be based on books of Doudoumis publicationswith which vktoons collaborates. The series applies to everyone, either he/she is talented or – he/she thinks is – not, provided he has the willing to work with the pencil, the paper etc.

THURSDAY; The principles of animation +. The educational series on the principles of animation, as determined by the great Disney’s creators continues, just in a different day.



SATURDAY; DIY; Constructions for animation or By the way, on animation… They are two different series that will alternate each week. The first is a DIY type series about animation constructions/devices. With simple materials and within a low budget we’ll create devices important in history of animation and extremely fun for kids of every age! The second series is of “motivational” type and will try to show to an audience that is not relevant to animation that animation is something which concerns him/her in several ways, that can help him practically, emotionally, on health issues, on different sectors of public life, that can help him overcome difficulties and, finally, that it is something that anyone can do, as long as he/she wants to!

Finally, every first Monday of every month we’ll upload Bloopers of the previous month and on the last day of each month a traditionally animated cartoon titled Moments of an animator, which will be about the difficulties and contingencies that an animator faces, given in a funny way.

So, we expect your “likes, sharing of our videos, your comments and questions – which will be answered in our special series – as well as your subscription to our youtube channel!

Bunny Poo Salad – The Movie

We keep on working – in satisfactory pace – on the animated sequence of Duncan Skinner’s Bunny Poo Salad – The Movie. We’ve delivered most of the shots and we’re confident that everything will be delivered by the end of this month.

Ernesto and Taroon

Ernesto and Taroon

Once again, we grab the pencil and the paper for Ernesto and Taroon animated short. This time, we’ll get instructions, corrections etc even from Disney’s animators. Though we’ll work in “moonlight” conditions, it is almost required now to get it done!

Some nice and creative news!

We’ve just entered Autumn and the news for vktoons are good!

What if Newton was an ant?

First of all, the – really – REALLY – short animation (traditional) What if Newton was an ant? is an official selection for the Greek Panorama of the 10th Animasyros International Animation Festival & Agora!


Αυτές είναι ειδήσεις!
Now, that’s news!

Apart from that, the new series of the new program of vktoons’ youtube channel are “on their way”. These series will have a variety of thematology: DIY, motivational/inspirational” but relevant to animation, drawing lessons, the satire cartoon series Now, that’s news! (the pilot episode has been aired already), while our educational and informative series will continue. There’s also a thought about another cartoon series.


Moreover, these days we’re discussing on some possible collaborations which – if they end up successfully – will open new roads for vktoons and its’ causes (to make Geek animation more known to a wider audience) and perhaps could bring the creation of a strong kids schedule in a new youtube channel of vktoons.

In general, it seems it will be an exciting September for vktoons!

New collaborations and vidme


vktoons recently started a collaboration with schooltime.gr, which will show vktoons’ videos but not only that; Vaggelis Karadimas will write articles on history of animation and other stuff about it. We think that this collaboration is really important, since we include it to our planning that came up after we collected the answers to our recent questionnaire. According to that planning, informing the Greek public on animation is vital (we are talking about history, techniques etc). The page with our articles is THIS ONE (available only in Greek).


At the same basis, we started collaborating with Melitzolithoswhich will show our videos.



In addition, vktoons continues working in organizing our youtube channel schedule, very carefully organizing the schedule of the kids’ channel and has also started using vidme platform, on which we now have a channel. This platform seems that it does not “hate” animation (something youtube does and it is the main reason that many animators are leaving it). But, to fulfill our plans on vidme, we need our friends help! So, sign in to vidme by creating your channel (even if you never upload a video there) and “follow” vktoons there (it is the same as the subscription on youtube). That will give us the capability to ask and become a “verified” channel on vidme and from there on we can start talking about monetizing!

In general, we try to be present in as much social media as we can. Besides the difficulties, we struggle for animation as much as we can and we want you as our allies!

We try to improve our presence in youtube!

vktoons new youtube channel logo

Vktoons,  after the analysis of the answers in the questionnaire, will create a channel in youtube , especially for children. In this way, it will emphasize  in small ages and it will introduce children to the world of animation. Its purpose is to create a future audience with firm basis, and entertain the young friends too

In this channel there will be a series which in a funny way will introduce children to the creation of animation. There will also be a series which will have to do with painting and design. Certainly there will be an animated series with heroes that children will love. Finally, we will create a show that our friends will share  with us their own creations- painting, short films, arts and crafts etc that we will present them online. However we aren’t in rush for this channel . We have to give great attention as it is required  for children.

Βut it doesn’t leave the other channel in youtube! Changes have already been started in the content of the shows that are already presented , especially as far as the style is concerned(the content doesn’t change). We also prepare gradually new shows which hope that they will enthuse a diverse audience!

More specifically, we create DIY shows but and others which will approach animation in a more personal way! Other shows will aim to an audience that is more interested in design and in character creation. Finally, an animated series will be created with very short episodes of satiric content.

For now, visit our channel to watch how we work on our existing series, HERE. We believe that soon we will be ready to begin broadcasting our new program! We wish you a pleasant watching and of course we are looking forward for your comments!

Welcome to our new website!

We welcome you to our new website

Vktoons makes another step and restarts its website , this time is created by greek hands and agkous.gr

During your surfing on the website you will find the history behind vktoons , our collaborators, new and old, new and previous projects , you will see our services and many other things.

We invite you to register in our newsletter too. After your registration in it, you will have a little present. The operating guide of MonkeyJam (available only in Greek).

Have a nice “surfing”.