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Stray Stories

A new web-series proposal.  funny mini series for an adult audience presenting the adventures of two stray cats, of a stray dog and of a rat!

But beyond the funny side of that, the series aims to mobilize the audience about matters considering the problems stray animals face and their rights.

We are in discussions with organizations and companies about the financial and scientific support of the series.

The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth

It is the series we work and re-work for years now and we are ...stubborn on continuing doing that. Because it is worth to make it! Humor, tradition, social messages are all tied in an ensemble which tickles but mainly "teaches" kids and grown-ups.

We re-work it for the fourth time and we go drastic!  There are changes in scripts, BG's and in the format.

This is a "Greek" series. We already talk with Greek TV stations for broadcasting it.  


Another project we rework, in a new basis, more ambitious! Chrononaut will be tradigitally animated using 3D BG's the Blender community will create! Now, the adventures of the four students - their characters will be re-designed - will take place all over the globe and will "hug" world history, art and geography!

We already talk with more scientists in order to "close" the scientific team within Greece and to start looking for international collaborations in Annecy!

Stories of Planet Sentia

A new proposal for preschool children. We help toddlers to discover the world of emotions, to embrace them and to decrease their negative outcomes. More over, to learn to be empathetic to the emotions of their friends. Emotionally healthy kids will become better and more successful adults!

The series is in collaboration with scientists.

It is also an official proposal of vktoons for MIFA Annecy 2019. 

You can watch the first few seconds of the pilot episode (it will eventually be reworked) HERE.

In the dungeons

Our epic child! "In the dungeons" is getting a makeover - is it possible to do something like that in a dungeon?... - and goes out in the markets seeking for someone to buy that long-suffering body!

A series that "took" vktoons outside the Greek borders and now we are looking to make it become a "lead-in" for news in a Greek TV channel or to be introduced in the night zone. Moreover, we shell the franchise of the series to foreign channels and producers (take it one way or another) for its' international exploitation. After all... dungeons can be found everywhere, huh?


An tradigitally/paperless animated short. Under the rainy night sky, under the canopy of a big tree, the seed of a primrose waits for the raindrop that will hug her and fertilize her.

In production

Ernesto and Taroon

A traditionally or tradigitally animated short for children. Ernesto is a little mouse who doesn't want to miss the chance to visit for the first time a circus that has come to the city. Taroon is a little elephant who left the barn of the circus. When they meet, they both must face the prejudices that one species has for the other as their parents taught them. Will they make it? 

The short has already been published as a book and few secondary scenes are already animated.