We collaborate in any phase of the pre-production or of the production where our help is needed. One of our goals is soon to become also a production company and not only a creative studio, contributing in an additional way to Greek animation.

We follow the international standards for the pipeline, in order to be in position to respond to the most demanding working conditions for 2D animated series, shorts and features. 

​The full procedure includes; Idea, script, character design, storyboard, layouts, voice recording, animatic/leica reel, production, post production (sound, subtitles, credits).

We are a small studio but with great potentials! 


Advertisements must be the mirror of your enterprise. It must feature its strong points and its character, without exaggerations and "fine print".  

An animated commercial gives you the advantage against your internet competitors, as researches prove.

We work the same way we do for our series or shorts and features, in close collaboration with you in every step, by studying your business and your goals. It takes more time but it is also more effective.

Quality of our work is depended of course on when you want to have the result. It is understood that, the more time we have, the best quality we will deliver. 

Contact with us to give you a catalog with prices for our services and see if we can work together. 


An explainer video helps your potential customers na have a more clear view of your product or service. 


Education in animation is as important for kids as well as for the future of animation.

In coordination with entities, we organize lessoins in schools. In our futute plans we aim to publish aducational books on animation. 

Also in the future, vktoons aims to move on establishins a school for 2D animation and stop motion. 

In our lessons, we will offer entities "presents" utilizable by the students even after their short education is over (software etc).

In our schedule you will find;

  • Lessons of history of animation
  • Fashioning

  • Scripting

  • Character design

  • Background creation

  • Storyboard and animatic

  • Animation

  • Post production

  • Principles of animation

  • Special lessons for those who wish to go deeper in any of those sectors.