About vktoons

About vktoons

vktoons' history identifies more or less - up to now that is - with the story of Vangelis Karadimas. As a small toddler he used to watch the foreign cartoons on Greek TV in the 70's. Back then, cartoons were subtitled rather than dubbed. But his mother could not spend hours in front of the TV set to read him the subtitles - someone had to prepare him something to eat you know... What was the solution?  Vangelis started learning to read from the age of 3,5 y.o. Who said that cartoons are just something to laugh with?

He continued watching cartoons even as a student of history and archaeology. Actually, he created during his studying years a few gif's (now lost).

But the turning point was in 2003, when he found out that a rare kind of cancer (adamantinoma) stoke his leg and in order to make it ...alive, he had to ...pay with a disability. And after he ...paid his debt, he should find a creative way to spend his time. So, he started trying to animate as an amateur and in a complete wrong way.

Years passed and he discovered that this was what he wanted to do; To animate! He started spending time in a more organised and productive way, he started studying on his own and to watch carefully. In 2011 he kicked off his first web series and his first short was screened in a festival. In 2014 he opened the official vktoons' youtube channel as well as his most renowned web series, "In the dungeons". A bit later he was elected at the general assembly of asifa hellas and in 2018 his children series "The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth" seek it's luck in MIFA AnnecyIn 2019 he will be there himself to promote "The Treasure at the roots of the Tree of Earth" as well as the preschool educative series "Stories of Planet Sentia" (while under his ...coat he will also ...tote another 4 projects). 

He has started teaching animation to kids and adults.

Moreover, he is in discussions with TV stations for showing vktoons' series.

It seems that the time came for vktoons to start international collaborations.


vktoons is into 2D animation. and only 2D. Even if we talk about co-productions with 3D, we only do the 2D part. 

We start from concept idea and we finish just before post production if needed. We have the best collaborators in Greece - we don't accept arguments on that! - and excellent relations with software companies abroad.

Our main target is to promote 2D animation in Greece and abroad as well.  Without a "traditional" basis, even CGI will find it difficult to thrive.

Our very strong point is storytelling! Due to circumstances, inspiration "hits tilt" in vktoons! History, mythology, legends and folks fairy tales are in our ...menu and we often combine them in stories with their own reference. in a few words, we renew these elements in a fascinating new way. This means that we take these elements and we combine them even in modern stories, without letting them lose their uniqueness. 

We do what we do with passion! We love our mistakes and we learn from them! We address everyone but we don't talk the same to everyone!

We don't support projects that promote racism or fascism, nor we collaborate with companies that do this indirectly or promptly.