a. about us

Our stories are unique! And so are yours! Let us help you tell them!


We produce 2D Animated series, short films and TV commercials.


We own the rights to distribute our creations.


We organize online animation workshops.


The commercial part of animation, contributes in keeping a film or a series “alive”, even after it is completed.

b. our team

We're a close team of creatives, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

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Vaggelis Karadimas

When Vaggelis was a toddler he used to watch the cartoons that the 70s Greek television used to play. Back then, they were all subtitled. Since, his mother couldn’t spend all day reading the subtitles to baby Vaggelis, he had to find another way. And what was that?
Three and half year-old Vaggelis started reading! Who knew that cartoons are not just recreational?
Vaggelis, continued watching cartoons fanatically, even through his university years as a history and archeology student. It was then that he first dipped his hand in animation, and created his first animated gifs.
The year 2003 brought the big shift in careers, when a rare form of cancer hit his left foot. His survival cost him a disability. Once, all that was behind him, he had to find a way to be creative and focused on animation.
Through the years, he realized that that is what he wanted to do. Animation! He started to get into it systematically, educate himself and watch closer. 2011 he started his first online series and had his first short featured in a film festival. 2014 he started the vktoons’ official online channel and his most well known series “In the dungeons”. Later, he got elected as a member of the general assembly of ASIFA Hellas.
He teaches animation online and physically at schools.

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Thodoris Sarafis

From a very young age, Thodoris knew that what he wanted to do when he grew up would have to be something he really loved… something he would never get bored with!
What he always loved doing was drawing, playing and composing music, sing, write comedic stories and sketches, act and do funny voices. But, how could he combine all these, into one profession? He, often, says that his involvement with animation was inevitable.
He studied Visual Communication (Time-based media: Animation) at the University of Central England in Birmingham, UK (now called Birmingham University) and Illustration and 2D Animation at the Academy of The Arts University in San Francisco, USA.
Since then, he has worked on numerous productions for TV series, documentaries and films as an art director assistant, graphic designer, storyboard artist, compositor, After-effects specialist, 2D Animator and voice-actor.
As a free-lancer, he has designed logos, illustrations, graphic design projects, trailers, promo and explainer videos for a variety of different companies and organizations.
But his main focus has always been the short films. He has written, directed and animated about a dozen short films, some of which have been well received at international film festivals. He has directed and animated two award winning short animated films [“Osios Gerasimos the Jordanite” (2011) and “Apostle Paul: Journey from Damascus to the Acropolis” (2015)].
He continues to play and compose music, sing, act and do funny voices!






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c. our projects

art direction, branding, DEAN DONE

art direction, branding graphic design, html, css

author : agkous

branding, design, CHRONONAUT

art direction, branding graphic design, html, css

author : agkous

design, project title, XSTRAYS

author : agkous


author : agkous

art direction, project title, IN THE DUNGEONS (2014 – 2016)

author : agkous


author : agkous

c. our process

Our process helps us organized and perfectly synchronized with clients and teammates.

1. Script

It all starts here! Nothing can be done without a script. It tells the story and sets the tone of the film.

2. Character Design

This is where we figure out what the characters (and even their environment and props) look like. This is one of the most exciting parts as we take a text and build a universe out of it!

3. Storyboard

Here is where we actually figure out how to tell the story visually. This is the “comic book” stage where we decide on the acting and action, the camera angles and even the speed of the film!

4. Voiceover recordings

This is where we give our characters the gift of speech. This is the part where they find their voices!

5. Animatic

Remember the storyboard we mentioned earlier? The animatic takes the storyboard’s frames and sets them in time! This is the first version of the film, where you can see and hear the characters.

6. Production

During this stage, we take all the agreed elements from the previous stages and create the actual movie. This is where the client steps back and let us work our magic! Compositing, animating, sound design, soundtrack, editing and… We’re done!


SPONSORS! Sklavenitis S.A., Dimitris Aggelis, Filippos Athanasopoulos, Dimitris Argyros, Vangelis Vagias, Iakovos Vais, Costas Giortos, Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Maria Douki, Manina Dourali, Olga Karadima, Styliani Karakasi, Kriton Karsikis, Athena Kogeraki, Giannis Kontos, Vassilis Kroustalis, Giannis Kyranis, Giorgos Louverdis, Aliki Marvroskoti, Dimitris Mengidis, Argyris Mitsogiannis, Kostas Bitsikokos, Konstantina Papadopoulou, Makis Papas, Thanasis Simoulis, Nektarios Skagkos, Alexandrow Tasis, Ioanna Tsouka, Vasilis Tsiouvaras, Magikos Fakos, Viky Chatzigeorgiou, Kostas Chronopoulos

f. you inspired me

Blog: Our ideas, our statement, our proposals and our work.

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